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In the era of constantly evolving technologies, cosmetics manufacturers constantly invest in modern and innovative solutions. They promote their production, streamline processes and facilitate work on new formulas and production techniques. Cosmetics manufacturers, in order to meet the increasing demands from their customers, are forced to offer more and more new, innovative products, and thus, they are also looking for modern materials, technology, equipment as well as innovative solutions for packaging, marking and labeling. To meet your needs, we have organized the Congress of the World of the Cosmetics Industry, an annual industry meeting, devoted to issues related to current trends, innovative raw materials, technological innovations, machines or packaging. The Congress agenda will also include legislative issues, as well as those related to the quality and safety of the marketed cosmetics.

Since 2012, the Congress of the World of the Cosmetics Industry is organized in conjunction with the Congress of the World of the Pharmaceutical Industry. This combination creates an excellent opportunity to integrate the cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industries, as well as enables providers to simultaneously reach both sectors.


The program will include, among others:

- seminars aimed at manufacturers of cosmetics and medicines, lasting simultaneously in two separate rooms,
- fair of suppliers and companies, both domestic and foreign, providing services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries,
- an Evening Gala - representing an ideal opportunity to integrate the cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industries with suppliers,
- a technical trip to the factory.

The meeting is an excellent opportunity to:

- increase product knowledge and the knowledge of technological innovations,
- get to know the current and future trends,
- discuss and exchange experience, information and ideas,
- integrate the cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industries with suppliers,
- promote access to companies with attractive offers and innovative products.

The meeting is aimed at: 

- representatives of the management- technical staff of plants producing cosmetics,
- technical and investment directors,
- the main specialists in the field of production and technology,
- quality, maintenance, purchasing and product development departments,
- anyone interested in the cosmetics industry.

The Congress participants will also include representatives of companies from the sector environment, presenting new tools, technologies and technical solutions necessary for the functioning of modern plants.